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"FIRE AWAY" / Wahaha
« Last post by Big Tom on Yesterday at 11:18:09 PM »
« Last post by live4huntinggeese on Yesterday at 10:18:13 PM »
Just wondering if someone could tell me if this is chicken of the woods
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: 2015 Youth Big Game Hunt
« Last post by b-g-k on Yesterday at 09:48:35 PM »
Well..... I got another kid hooked!!! I took my neighbors 14 year old son Thomas out this AM. We went to a spot and sat till 815 with out seeing any deer. It was a beautiful morning and we had a few Toms gobbling on the roost behind us, even though we didnt see any deer it was a nice hunt. I could tell he was getting antsy and cold so we decided we would go to a different spot. We were headed to the mountains to still hunt for a bear when I said, "hey lets check out this spot down the road here" we turned the truck around and hit a section of state land that has been known to hold some bear. It was a great morning for a still hunt and we were covering some ground for about a hour when suddenly we hear something and here comes a doe, she stopped staring straight at us and I told him not to shoot till she turned broadside. She turned and ran with no shot. I told him it wasnt ment to be. We took a few more steps and sat down on the stone wall, low and behold we look to the direction the doe came from and spot antlers. Thomas gets in to position and I told him we need to wait for the buck to come out of the thick brush it was in. Thomas was very patient and had to move a few times to readjust. Finaly the moment of truth, I told him to shoot if he was ready. BLAM!!! The 30-06 rings and I could tell the buck was hit hard. Thomas also says OH I HIT HIM...and we watch the buck run out of site, but could tell it has hit hard. The shot was about 75 to 80 yards and we had a hard time finding the trail but I insited we find the sign so he can learn what it is like to trail a hit deer. We had good blood and as we were following it I spotted it through my binoculors but didnt tell him, I simply asked him" are you goona be able to gut this deer when we find it". We continued the trail and the blood had stopped, at this point the buck laid dead 30 yards away and he had not yet spotted it. Soon he looks ahead and says" THERE HE IS" and I stressed we must sneak up and make sure its dead. Well when we get to it its a nice 7 point buck from state land! Gotta love it! What a nice way to get a kid hooked on hunting. The only thing is .... hes not so sure about the gutting part LOL. Great day!!!! :)

Well done sir.  He'll tell that story so many times for the rest of his life.
ARCHERY & BOWHUNTING / Re: 2015 Live From the Stand
« Last post by DHenry on Yesterday at 09:34:39 PM »
Regardless, Is it realistic to think that every kill goes reported? No ones pointing fingers or calling anyone out but I think it's fair to say that there are a good number of kills each year that go unreported no matter who it is.
Im not 100% sure but i think the DEC calculates unreported kills into the report every year..

That is correct.  A percentage is utilized in the calculations. How accurate it is is debatable. No system is perfect.

Relf25 is correct in that a substantial number of deer kills are simply not reported.

Trying to account for every deer taken is difficult at best, given the number of hunters who unintentionally simply forget to report their deer.

It wasn't  many years ago when successful hunters had to send a pre-stamped card that came that came with their license to report their deer. Even back then a significant number of successful hunters still simply forget to mail in their card and report their deer.

DEC currently uses a dual system to estimate the estimate the deer kill.  Reported kills by hunters are recorded based upon date of kill, sex of the deer, and location of kill. Concurrently DEC Wildlife staff check deer in the field during the season at variety of locations including camps, meat cutters and at other outlets and they record the same information reported above.

By comparing the dual data bases, biologists are able to derive the percentage of hunters who actually report their deer and the percentage of hunters who do not report. Based on the percentage who do report, they are able to extrapolate the calculated take for given geographical areas (WMUs).

Is it exact and perfect ?.   

No, but it establishes the calculated take closely and better  than any other system existing today.  In most all cases biometricians can reasonably estimate the deer take per WMU or by county and town.

Interestingly a number of other jurisdictions have adopted a reporting system similar to the one developed and used in NY. With deer take data from both successful hunters and field checks it is possible for biometricians  to derive a close estimate of the number of deer taken in a specific area more accurately than any other existing methodology.  While it is certainly not exact,  it is  reliable enough to make consistent and  reasonable estimations of the annual deer take, age classes and sex distributions for  given areas and the whole state. Monitoring deer harvest with a consistent method allows for better determining trends in the standing deer herd.

I've also heard people state that "if hunters do not report their deer, they should not be able to get a hunting license next year".  On face value it is a valid thought, but given the fact that currently for every 100 hunters who drop out,  we only recruit 55 new hunters, that doesn't really help much with maintaining  a long term number of hunters who can and will kill deer. "Boots on the ground" over the long term are crucially  needed to maintain the annual deer harvest in NY.   

COLD & WARM WATER FISHING / Re: 2015 Ashokan Reservoir Reports
« Last post by Steve_J on Yesterday at 09:28:50 PM »
Sweet brookie
COLD & WARM WATER FISHING / Re: 2015 Salmon/Steelhead Reports
« Last post by Steve_J on Yesterday at 09:26:59 PM »
I saw a teenager catch a monster brown in Oswego when I was up last
 (BBQ) (BBQ)nice
COLD & WARM WATER FISHING / Re: 2015 Ashokan Reservoir Reports
« Last post by Gino@Ashokan on Yesterday at 09:22:49 PM »
No, I went in from Chimney mtn trailhead.
The trails weren't muddy at all tho, & btw that was a pond :0
ARCHERY & BOWHUNTING / Re: 2015 bow kill photos
« Last post by Highwoods_PE on Yesterday at 09:18:10 PM »
Congrats on the successful hunts. I got a doe last weekend in 3c, it's been a few years of no venison so I was very excited to get one. Tried posting a photo but it's too large.
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: 2015 Youth Big Game Hunt
« Last post by gunner on Yesterday at 09:05:08 PM »
Nice deer guys!
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