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HUDSON RIVER STRIPER FISHING / Re: 2014 Hudson River Striper Reports
« Last post by gunner on Today at 09:40:33 PM »
Had a friend fish worms today kingston area nada on the drift. Foun a decent pod of fish we mark from last pm same area anchored and caught 4 fish small 16 to 18 inches in 1.5 hours. Nothing in mouth of roundout. I will be heading out tomorrow pm. Let ya know! Fish were caught in the river.
good stuff
COLD & WARM WATER FISHING / Re: Rondout creek
« Last post by Jaycr3183 on Today at 09:25:02 PM »
Now this is funny
COLD & WARM WATER FISHING / Re: Rondout Reservoir Reports 2014
« Last post by Acton on Today at 09:15:58 PM »
I bolt my holders on .each boat I use is drilled to accept bolts. My rod holders are mounted too a piece of 1/2" lexan aprox. 6" high to get the holder up off the rail. They are also angled back toward me to help in ease of release when grabbing the rod. I also grease the inside of the rod holder(where the rod clamp slides into the base) lightly to also help in ease of release.

Im having a hard time picturing what this would look like. 

Wouldn't I have to drill holes through the side of the hull and then. . . mount the base to the side of the hull?  I mean there's really no flat horizontal surface to mount the base too.  So Id have to mount the base to the side of the boat. . . it seems like these Scotty rod holders can be tilted, but wouldn't it be kind of awkward tilting them at a 90 degree angle. . .?

You're obviously describing a completely different setup, I just cant picture it. You bolted the base for the holder to a peice of lexan, and you bolted the lexan to the side of the boat? 
« Last post by bandhunter31 on Today at 09:12:09 PM »
geezer......its a great debate and discussion to have and i will agree it all falls under overpaying the government for services that never live up to the amount you spend lol.......however i do feel there are small differences..........

here is a good read on this subject .....


A fee is a charge for use of a service or amenity – the amount of which is related to the cost of providing that service or amenity.  Thus, licensing fees for hunting and fishing help fund game wardens, forestry service personnel, equipment, and property, etc. while fees for visiting state parks similarly help provide for personnel, property, upkeep, and the like.  The key feature of fees is that the user of a given good or service pays, and the funds collected are related to the purpose of providing the good or service.

A tax, on the other hand, while it may be applied to a particular good or service or more generally to the population at large, is collected to raise general purpose revenues.  Taxes collected may be unrelated, or completely disproportionate, to expenditures.  Thus, taxes on sales of goods (alcohol, clothing, etc.) or services (restaurants, dry cleaning, etc.) are not necessarily related to the cost of providing, regulating (e.g. health & safety inspections) or protecting (police, fire, courts, etc.) the goods or services taxed.  Government can spend tax revenues on anything it wants.  That’s why taxes go into the “General Fund” and expenditures are allocated by the legislative budgetary process.

Catskill Mountains Firearms LLC / Re: Changes to my business!!!
« Last post by 1shot1kill on Today at 09:10:59 PM »
Good luck Scott, thanks for everything!
COLD & WARM WATER FISHING / Re: Rondout creek
« Last post by 1shot1kill on Today at 09:02:21 PM »
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 08:49:18 PM »
Beauty for sure Mike, glad to hear you had action despite the not so nice weather!
« Last post by SHForestry on Today at 08:42:29 PM »
Indeed it does have beautiful colors. It's a wonder these deep dwellers have any color at all.
COLD & WARM WATER FISHING / Fishing Early season from shore
« Last post by Ryan on Today at 08:41:44 PM »
Anyone have any suggestions for what type of tackle to use from the shore early season on the Askokan? Hoping to get out this weekend would like to have a couple options.
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