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FOOD AND COOKING / Re: Venison ribs
« Last post by b-g-k on Yesterday at 11:48:48 PM »
Iíve had some truly amazing deer ribs.  I havenít experimented with them.  I have heard to trim
Them well, par boil, then slow cook in the oven covered with some broth.  Then finish them under broiler or on the grill.  Those do look good.  Maybe next year Iíll experiment. 
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: Show us your 2017 gun kills here
« Last post by b-g-k on Yesterday at 11:46:04 PM »
I had buck fever so took the day off work yesterday to get better. So... I passed on this 9 point after taking a 10 with my bow earlier in the season and marked my calendar for 28 days from that day based on estrus cycle and when I saw my peak rut activity during archery.... well sure enough, this guy came in scent checking yesterday morning at 7:45.

Not sure if the video will work from my Facebook Page but I'll give it a shot. This was when he came into 5 or so yards in Early November.

My buddy here has had one heck of a season.  Hunted harder than anyone I know this season, and it paid off with some great trophies and a nice full freezer.  Great job, Bobby.
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: Tracking in snow
« Last post by b-g-k on Yesterday at 11:42:57 PM »
Iíve tried it, and there are some individuals who have really honed the skill.  Unfortunately, Iím not one of them.  Even with their trail right there in front of you mature deer are far better at the cat and mouse chase than most.  I read a really interestig article about a group in the Adirondaks that are really good at this and find lots of success.  I know there are similar hard core trackers in the Catskills as well.  Cool stuff.
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: Huge state land buck
« Last post by b-g-k on Yesterday at 11:39:55 PM »
Was just talking about this buck with family over dinner.  Thereís always that possibility of a deer like this, unfortunately the guy upíd his odds ďquite a bitĒ and it was misconstrued. 
GENERAL DISCUSSIONS / Re: Bald Eagles in New Paltz
« Last post by b-g-k on Yesterday at 11:30:59 PM »
Iíve had a pair at my house in Accord for weeks now.  Theyíve been feeding upon the deer remains that I end up with from butchering for myself and customers.  I dispose of them in a hole on my property and will cover them after the season.  After I noticed them Iíve made a concerted effort to make sure Iím throwing out the areas where the gunshots are so they donít get into lead fragments.  Really cool to have them around regularly. 
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: Huge state land buck
« Last post by marchello19 on Yesterday at 10:22:19 PM »
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: Huge state land buck
« Last post by WEM144 on Yesterday at 10:18:01 PM »
Very true take em , and timbow
BIG GAME HUNTING / Re: Huge state land buck
« Last post by Take Em on Yesterday at 09:25:49 PM »
Damn it! I just bought property in Columbia County yesterday  ;D. What a clown. Now you have to question every buck heís ever killed.
FOOD AND COOKING / Re: Venison ribs
« Last post by grnnesider on Yesterday at 08:56:59 PM »
What she did is rub cosher salt, black pepper and a little veg. oil on both sides, then rubbed in a bbq rub called bone suckin sauce. Let it sit for about an hour then bake at 300 degrees for just about 4 hours pulled them out just before done and coated with bbq sauce and put back in oven under broiler till crispy.....let me know how ya make out
GENERAL DISCUSSIONS / Bald Eagles in New Paltz
« Last post by gdk45 on Yesterday at 08:46:23 PM »
Was driving home from work today on S. Putt corners Rd.  and in the fields just north of the High School I saw two mature bald eagles on the ground.  They were on some kind of carcass. 
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