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Been super busy just getting going for the season but here are some reports over last few days.

Wednesday 4/24 afternoon:
Found a pile of fish with Dave W. But none were cooperating only a few short hits and couple run and drops. 

Thursday 5/25 morning trip:
Again found piles of fish but proved a finicky bite again with 1 25" keeper for the table a bunch of cats one a big 12# Blue channel cat for my guests.  Awesome weather day and bluebird bright skies I think had hurt the bite.

Friday morning 4/26 charter:
Free HVS trip winner RD&Sons with Walkabout braved the rain and had a better day with 3 Stripers. Marked tons of fish and had some missed opportunities but all in all a better day that I think is the start of better fishing from here on out.... had a great time with you guys as always thanks Rick, Ricardo and Ronnie!


Nice start wheres the cat ?

Did you check to see if Rick had a banana or two in his lunch pail? Lol

Had a good time Pat save us some fish for our May 18th trip.


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