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Rondout Creek access off Church Hill/Cemetery Rd???


I went to check out the cove near Eddyville on Sunday and explored up on Church Hill Rd, made a right on Cemetery Rd and at the end was a turnaround lot with no visible posted signs from what I could see but there were a few cars parked from surrounding houses. Looked like a good potential spot to access the cove if those limited parking spaces on Creek Locks Rd are all taken up. Does anyone know if fisherman are allowed to access from here or is it private land with no trespassing without permission ? Btw ice looked way too sketchy on the cove to head out and the main Creek was blown out.

I drove by the cove this afternoon, 3 guys were on the ice. No idea how thick it was. I talked to a guy at north south, he said there was still 12 there.


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