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Who's getting ready?

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Brought out all my ice gear the other night and got everything ready. It might be a little early but hardwater cant come soon enough. Is anyone trying anything new this year? I'm curious about seeing some new techniques on here.

I don't have any new techniques planned, but I sure can't wait to fire up my new Eskimo it end of season last year and I've been dying to drill a hole with it since then, should make bouncing around with the vexilar a bit easier

i got my rigs out the other day...i need an auger now since were not roommates anymore lol... i did get a secret weapon jig from my dad for if we ever go back to GWL

i am gonna try the rice in a paper bag around sunken trees, been reading that you tie a line to the bag and place a few rocks in the bottom, let it sit so that the rice can puff up and then rip on the line to burst the bag, from what i have read it should look as though a hatch of larva has happened in the sunken brush,  should work great for crappie and pan fish
we will see

Camp Cook:
I am really looking forward to explore some new lakes.  I saved up some money from my side jobs and bought a used 4 wheel drive king quad. Hopefully it will be a year with good ice.  I can taste that first batch of fried panfish already!


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