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HVS Members,

We would like to ask all HVS members a big favor.

Please take 5 minutes of your time and participate in the public comment period regarding Hudson River access in Dutchess and Columbia Counties.

Amtrak wants to erect 8,200’ of impasse fencing and gating along the Hudson River between the Town of Rhinecliff and the City of Hudson.

The NYS Dept. of State is reviewing a proposal from Amtrak for this fencing and gating and
we need to let them know this will be detrimental to many local and visiting fishermen who have been using this access for striper fishing for many years and would like to continue using this access for many more to come.

Please read the information at the link below about the Railroad’s proposal..

We have attached a short letter that you may copy/paste and send to the representatives below. .
Please email:
Matthew P. Maraglio Coastal Resource Specialist I
Office of Planning and Development
One Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Ave
Albany NY 12231-001
Phone # 518-473-3371
email matthew.maraglio@dos.ny.gov

New York State Department of State Office of Planning, Development & Community Infrastructure, One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12231. Telephone (518) 474-6000; Fax (518) 473-2464. Email: cr@dos.ny.gov

Senator George A. Amedore, Jr. Legislative Office Building, Room 802 Albany  , NY 12247
Phone: (518) 455-2350 Amedore@nysenate.gov

The AMTRAK proposal to install gates and fences is intended to keep vehicles and pedestrians off the tracks except at public crossings that have gates and warning devices. The proposal is not for a continuous fence all along the Hudson River as has been suggested by others. However, the gates effectively create a barrier by cutting off access to the maintenance roads used by shore fisherman.
The proposal document is located at:
https://www.dos.ny.gov/opd/ programs/pdfs/Consistency/F- 2018-0060(DA)%20National% 20Railroad%20Passenger%20Corp% 20(MP141-MP75)%20color.pdf
Below in quotes are specific fence and gate locations mentioned in the proposal. Search the quoted items on Google Maps and view in satellite view for more details. Additional information was found using the Columbia County tax maps:
“United States Postal Service, Riverview Street, Stuyvesant, NY.”  There is a legitimate crossing and a boat launch shown.
“Station Road, Hudson, Stockport, NY” Scroll the west to the river.  There is a piece of property there owned by DEC that would give access to the Stockport Creek which flows into the Hudson.
“Earnest R Lasher Memorial Park Germantown, NY”  There is a legitimate crossing and boat launch shown.
“Young American Park Germantown, NY” This looks like it may be negatively impacted as it all appears to be railroad property and there is no close-by public crossing in evidence. There are clearly boats and a dock showing that are apparently unauthorized and maintained by individuals.  South of there about 1.5 miles at Cheviot Rd there is a public crossing and a boat launch.  Perhaps a case could be made to have a audible pedestrian warning installed at Main Street??
Regarding the boat launch area at Cheviot Rd, that is a small town park. The RR proposes fencing off everything but the access road and placing gates on the maintenance road.
“Diana St., Tivoli” There is a guarded crossing there and a boat launch.
“Rhinebeck Water Treatment, Slate Dock Road, Rhinebeck, NY”  That is just north of the Rhinecliff train station. Gates are proposed to keep people off the maintenance road.  There is a public boat launch at the AMTRAK station off Dutchess Terrace. As such there is nearby river access but the fishing from the RR maintenance road would be cut off.
Sample comment and counter proposal (Offered in the spirit of presenting ideas for use in commenting. It is recommended that commenters personalize the message with information about specific locations and experiences. I think it is important to mention the economic and safety benefits of access along with the sporting desires):


Subject:  Amtrak Impasse fence proposal public comment period.


Amtrak's proposal to install fences and gates along their Hudson River corridor would have a significant negative impact on sport fishing on the Hudson River. Sport fishing, particularly during the Striped Bass season that runs from April through June is a tourism draw that provides income to many local small businesses.
While many of the boat launches will still be accessible under the plan, the opportunities to fish from shore are all but eliminated. At it’s heart this is a form of economic discrimination as many dedicated fisherman lack the resources to own river worthy fishing boats. However, those shore fisherman do spend money on fishing equipment, bait, food, and other items in local stores.
To avoid this recreational and economic discrimination, access to the railroad service roads located between the river and tracks, which can be reached via a public road crossing, should be retained. At Main St, near Young American Park in Germantown, perhaps a pedestrian gate and path across the tracks, along with an audible warning could be installed so as to not impede access to the shoreline.
First responder access should be preserved at all locations so they can reach recreational and commercial boaters, fight fires, deal with oil and chemical spills, and other emergent situations as they arise.

Thank you for your consideration of the interests of sportsmen, small business owners, and first responders in your review of Amtrak’s application.



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